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We enjoy remembering all the lovely people who over the years we have performed wedding ceremonies for in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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Dear Rev. Reno Smith,
Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us and for making our wedding such a special occasion.

Patrick & Judy

Dear Pastor Smith,
It is coming upon our one year anniversary and we just wanted to thank you for performing such a beautiful ceremony. Our wedding was perfect and would not have been so without you there. Thank you so much!

Josh & Angela

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to marry us - it was a pleasure to meet you. We enjoyed our stay very much (except it was too short) and everyone seemed to be very friendly.

Thanks again and God Bless You -
Harriet & Harrold

Dear Rev. Smith,
Thank you so much for everything. You were truly wonderful. You have such a deep, soothing voice. I was so nervous until you spoke. Everything went great thanks to you and everyone else. Hope to see you again someday

Love always,
Drew & Michell

Good Afternoon!
David and I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you for joining us together! The wedding was beautiful, and your services were truly a blessing.
Thank you again, and God bless.

Nicole & David

bahamas wedding ceremony

Rev. Reno Smith,
Well it's cold here in Wisconsin. We wish we were were still in The Bahamas. We (Dave & I) want to thank you for helping us get everything done so we could get married at such a beautiful place & thanks to your wife for taking us back to our hotel. We hope to see you when we return to The Bahamas for our 10th anniversary.

Thanks again!
Beth & Dave

Dear Pastor Smith,
Gary & I just want to thank you very much for a lovely ceremony. It was all and more that we wished and hoped for. Your lovely voice and pronounciation was much to our liking. Thanks for making our day so special.

Constance & Gary



Dear Pastor Reno Smith,

We would just like to thank you for the most beautiful ceremony and experience that either one of us have ever encountered. From the moment we met you we knew that everything was going to turn out all right. You sat and got to know us, you clearly explained the process to us, you kept your schedule going along with everything else flexible; but most of all you made us feel comfortable.

When we left the magistrate's office after speaking with you it was ironic that we both began to talk about how much we like you, and by both of us being very spiritual people felt that it was important that the person that married us, made us feel that way. Because you are such a friendly down to earth person, it made the “Eloping” part easy. By the way, you are definitely a hit on our wedding video!

Thank you so much for making our day special, and stress free. If you are ever in Cleveland, or feel the urge to come, please give us a call, you will always have a place to stay and we most graciously extend our hospitality. Your church is truly blessed to have you.

Ronda & Timmie

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