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Bishop Reno V. Smith is the number one requested minister of religion in the Bahamas for uniting couples from around the world in Holy matrimony. In recent times, he has united more than three thousand (3000) couples from as far under as Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain,France, the United States of America, the Caribbean, Africa, Italy, Rome, Canada, Russia, Ireland, Austria,and every other country in the world.

For the past twenty (20) years, he has worked out of Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas, but his Marriage Officer's license gives him the power to solemnize weddings throughout the entire Bahamas.

Bishop Reno V. Smith

Pastor Bronwen Ann Smith


Bishop Smith and his wife Pastor Bronwen Ann Smith are two of the few seminary trained clergymen in the Northern Bahamas. Having studied at the American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, TN, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, and the Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI. Pastor Smith, though they areof the Baptist persuasion, they perform weddings of all faiths, including but not limited to Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal/Anglican, Jewish, Unity, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic (with prior approval from the Holy See) and Civil, for those who do not wish a religious ceremony. All ministers can not automatically perform a legal wedding in The Bahamas, irregardless of their Ordination and/or theological training. The Bahamas Government appoints ministers to various districts or islands, and a few are made Marriage Officers of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. I trust that this brief introduction of ourselves would put your mind at ease, as you have made an excellent choice in choosing our services.

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